One day maybe Brighton Skeptics Society will host our own Fringe event, but in the meantime here are the shows we think you skeptics will love.


If these beer mats are out, there’s skeptics about.

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Breaking the magicians’ code with kane and abel

“Britain’s bad boys of magic return to Brighton to commit more crimes against the art of magic. Codes broken during the show include: never reveal the secret behind a trick, never perform another magician's trick, never repeat a trick and never perform with food or animals.” - Brighton Fringe

caspar thomas: the art of close-up magic

“Magic as equally stunning as the skill is completely hidden. This is Caspar’s new show, and the fourth he’s brought to the Brighton Fringe. Combining new and classic magic (invented by the greatest magicians of the last 120 years) it’s a show full of the thrill of tricks you’ll see for the first time, and some that you already love.” - Brighton Fringe

Griffin and Jones: Surprisingly Good Magicians

“The pioneers of slapdash magic are back with another mishmash of magical mayhem! Join them in a world where the jokes come thick and fast, anything is possible, and nothing is quite what it seems. These award-winning idiots have become famous for their fast banter, tight chemistry, contagious energy, and showstopping wizardry.” - Brighton Fringe

Kevin Quantum: Anti-Gravity

“Following award-winning, sell-out performances in Edinburgh and Adelaide, the magician-scientist hybrid returns. Enter a space where the rules of gravity are bent and broken. Impossible illusions and levitations brought to you by the magician tutored by Penn & Teller. Having spent half of his adult life studying physics and half studying magic, Magic Circle member Kevin explores the exotic space where science and magic meet. Magic is real. And he’ll prove it to you.” - Brighton Fringe


“13 is a show with magic and mind reading performed by Miss Sylvia Sceptre. Sylvia is a character direct from Victorian London, a time travelling magician who performs magic with a dark twist. Expect thrilling stories, spine tingling experiences and sensational magic. -Brighton Fringe

For Kids

Amazing Bubble Man

“Louis Pearl has been thrilling audiences for 30 years with the art, magic, science of bubbles. An Edinburgh Fringe favourite, he sells out every year. Louis explores the dynamics of bubbles, combining comedy, artistry, audience participation and enough spellbinding bubble tricks to keep all ages mesmerised. From square bubbles, fog-filled bubbles, giant bubbles, volcanoes, tornados and trampolines to people in bubbles, the Amazing Bubble Man conjures shrieks of laughter and gasps of amazement from all.”- Brighton Fringe

Science Magic

“The sell-out science, comedy and family magic show is back for its third year in Brighton. Join triple award-winning comedian and scientist Donal Vaughan as he performs amazing tricks using only things found around the house, to show how magical science can be. Along with some old favourites, there will be some brand-new tricks, including a giant air cannon and some bubble science. 
Always exciting and sometimes very messy, learn about science and laugh your pants off while you do. All the tricks can be performed by you when you go home.”- Brighton Fringe


a Bit Weird (Work in Progress)

“'A Bit Weird' is the brand new show by Sallyann Fellowes. Its how she’s been described a lot, a real big lot. Weird is good. We are all weird we just don’t let it out often enough. Do you like ghosts, aliens and things that go bump in the night? Come and embrace your inner weird.”- Brighton Fringe

Doctor Scott is Psycho-Active

“Drug law reform activist Dr Keith Scott’s wacky trip into the world of the psychoactive drugs we use and the psychotic drug laws that try to stop us using. He describes how being given a recreational drug when he was an infant set him off on a drug-consuming journey that left him completely unscathed - but with a desire to know why Drugs-R-Us. Scott uses comedy to expose the tragedies, stupidities, and evils of the ironically-named War on Drugs that was declared by the United Nations – an institution created specifically to prevent war!”- Brighton Fringe

Geeks, Stand Up!

“It’s 2019 and the geeks have inherited the earth!
Geek culture is emerging from TV and movies, but there was a time you'd be ashamed to be one. However, now you should be ashamed if you're not! It's time for the geeks to step out and stand up at Brighton Fringe! Some of the funniest comedians from around the Fringe laugh, joke and talk passionately about their favourite geek passions. And geekery is anything you're really passionate about. With an A-Team of revolving acts talking excitedly about their beloved subjects. A good show, comedy it will be. As Yoda might say.” - Brighton Fringe

Isa Bonachera: The Great Emptiness

“Any sensible person would look at the night sky and see the horrible purgatory of the cosmos. Not Isa. Isa's been obsessed with outer space all her life, and she decided from an early age that she wanted to do one thing and one thing only; become an astronaut. For twenty years she did everything she could to stay on track. And one day she just stopped dreaming of space. Using a planetarium projector, Isa will take you on a guided tour of the cosmos and her broken dreams.” - Brighton Fringe


Sunday Assembly Brighton: Home (Spiegeltent Special)

“Come and celebrate life with Sunday Assembly Brighton at our Spiegeltent Special on the theme of 'Home', including glorious songs from the Choir With No Name and uplifting stories from Syria to Brighton (via the Calais Jungle). Plus some funky science and complimentary tea and cake.
Sunday Assembly is a global network of non-religious gatherings building community through inspirational speakers, sing-a-long pop songs, amazing science, spoken word and free cake.” - Brighton Fringe


A Cosmologist's Guide to Life and Love

“A funny, poignant and uplifting account of what cosmology, and those who study it, have to say about the more earthly matters of life and love. This Sunday lunchtime illustrated talk will take you from the soul to the solar system (and beyond) to make you laugh, cry, and go "Oooh, that’s interesting". It will answer questions such as: How far would you have to travel to find yourself in an infinite universe? What were the chances of being born? And can studying the universe resolve Brexit? Julian Mayers is a part-time astrophysicist, BBC radio comedy producer, writer and filmmaker.” - Brighton Fringe


“Humans and AI, what will our relationship be like 100 years from now?
'Unnatural' takes a look at the possible scenario of us vs tech, we turned away from one another and let our deepest fears and desires be exploited by our social medias, who knew more about us than our own families. This one man play sewn together with spoken word and a projector will challenge you philosophically and make you grateful for our bodies and minds.” - Brighton Fringe


Baba Brinkman's Rap Guide to...

“Baba Brinkman’s Rap Guide Series began in 2009 with Fringe First Winner 'Rap Guide to Evolution', “Astonishing and brilliant” (NY Times), now making its Brighton debut (26/27 May). Baba’s follow-up show, 'Rap Guide to Consciousness', “Awe-inspiringly good" ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (Broadway Baby), is back by popular demand (28/29 May). And the world premiere of his latest, ‘Rap Guide to Culture’ (30 May - 2 June) celebrates the unique ability of our species to acquire and transfer useful new information, ultimately culminating in the 'Rap Guide' phenomena itself. Science. Hip-hop. Laughs. Enlightenment.” - Brighton Fringe


The Hunters of Ghost Hall

“Two ghost hunters from a TV show explore a spooky mansion. Two treasure hunters seek shelter in the very same place. They are unaware of each other. What happens next? Who finds what? This brand new play, written and directed by Tristan Wolfe, features an exciting, engaging and funny cast. Featuring an original score by Adam House. No ghostly ethereal beings are harmed during the show.” - Brighton Fringe

Operation Annunaki

“Save Caroline Lucas from Illuminati Lizard sacrifice! Conspiracy theorists have been raging about ancient alien lizards for decades. Are you so sure they're wrong? Brighton is the home of the Wizards Against Lizards resistance. Only Brighton can stop the takeover. Join the resistance! Follow clues through North Laine, avoid detection and collect the tools you need to save Caroline, Brighton, and the planet. This reality-bending, multi-dimensional live game/performance is a very limited experience, for only 4 teams per day, requiring use of WhatsApp and your thorough, active participation.” - Brighton Fringe

Talking to the Dead: A Séance

“Is it possible to communicate with the dead? Griffin and Jones intend to find out. Face your fears, and join them for an intimate, fully immersive experience as they use techniques from Victorian séance rooms to peer into the Great Beyond, and ask the question "Is anybody there?”. Don't believe in ghosts? Neither did we. Sceptics and believers welcome. ” - Brighton Fringe