There are so many great skeptically inclined organisations around the UK and the world, here are some of our favourites.

Having fun

Nerd Nite brings great nerdy speakers to entertain and educate Brighton audiences monthly -

Brighton Humanists hold a monthly event where they hear interesting talks relevant to humanism and organise around humanist issues. -

Sunday assembly Brighton gather their secular congregation once a month to celebrate life with singing, poetry, science and of course tea and cakes -

Brighton Science Festival is a annual event aimed at getting young people excited about science. They run a month long series of talks, workshops and experiences with something for every member of the family. -

Helping others

The Nightingale Collaboration is concerned with questionable medical claims made online and elsewhere by healthcare practitioners. They notify the appropriate regulatory bodies of suspect claims and offer you the tools and resources to do the same. -

Effective altruism is a movement devoted to applying critical thinking to charitable giving by answering the simple question: ‘What is the most good you can do with the resources you have?’ -

Givewell is a useful resource for assessing which charities give you the most bang for your buck. For bang read: ‘suffering alleviated’ for buck read: ‘charitable donation’. -

Animal Charity Evaluators offer a guide that will help you choose the charity that most effectively reduces suffering for non-human animals -

Good Thinking Society is a charity that promotes curiosity and rational enquiry through awareness campaigns, investigations and channelling public policy among many other endeavours. -